Mobile RFID is a ready-to-use mobile solution specifically designed for stock management and for monitoring the movements of goods using RFID technology.

Although a comprehensive service consisting of a mobile terminal, an onboard capture application and numerous related services (integration, remote support, technical assistance and updates, terminal maintenance), Mobile RFID is also both simple and intuitive, which means that users can be rapidly operational.

A Globally Improved Supply Chain

Organizations can significantly benefit from using RFID, both in terms of productivity and in terms of the reliability of the information collected. For example, being able to simultaneously read several tags without having to touch objects or aim a device at them significantly reduces the time it takes to count and control items during reception, shipping, stock management and order processing operations.

The benefits of using an RFID device are enormous: faster reception of items, improved stock rotation and quality thanks to accurate data capture in real time, faster marketing of items, etc. Ultimately, all these improvements have a direct impact on purchasing behavior – a customer who is able to immediately find a product is a satisfied customer and one that will return.

Functionalities and Facilitated Processes

Mobile RFID addresses key distribution center and warehouse business processes.

  • Reception operations, with the possibility of checking against expected deliveries
  • Processing of transfer orders (returned items, stock levels, etc.)
  • Shipping operations, with the possibility of tracking orders
  • Complete or partial periodic stock taking, with the possibility of processing a particular zone or family of items
  • Preparation of batches or parcels, with control and classification of tags read
  • Search function for objects identified by an RFID tag using a reference number
  • Writing and reading of RFID tags


The application is available in French and English (other languages available on request), and can be used on Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms.

Mobile RFID conforms to the EPC-UHF standard, and is perfectly compatible with a global EPC RFID infrastructure.