Whether for express courier, delivery rounds or LTL / FTL, carriers regularly use goods delivery contractors. A challenge of this functionning is the capacity to run a "real-time" tracking of collections and deliveries with multiple stakeholders and to automate the complete tracking process.

POD4Carriers has been designed to answer this problem by allowing a contractor to fill transport order status and capture proofs of collection or delivery from its mobile.

A simple and multi-carrier mobile application

If a contractor works for several carriers, he only needs a single mobile application to process all its transport orders. To lower the risk of errors, the application automatically switch to the selected carrier brand identity.

The process has been simplified so process a collection or delivery can be done in a few seconds.

Mobile application features

  • Multi-carrier
  • Scan or entry of order number
  • Collection or delivery status selection and optional complementary information
  • Free photos (damaged goods, consignee absent ...)
  • Signatory name
  • Photo of the signed manifest
  • GPS location of the status
  • History of processed orders
  • Multi-language

No need of a specific device, the application is available on :

Online tracking consultation

With POD4Carriers, we offer an online consultation site at the brand identity of the carrier to monitor and check the progress of the transport orders processing. Additionally, the tracking data and images URLs are automatically transfered by EDI to be integrated in IT systems.

Tracking consultation site features

  • Custom brand identity design
  • hosting of status and images for 24 monthes
  • Encrypted URLs to access images
  • Tracking data transfer

Billing simplified

The POD4Carrier server automatically send to each contractor a certified PDF document with all transport order datas (status, images, GPS location). This document can be attached to the billing sent to the carrier to simplify its processing.