Neopost ID becomes Neopost Shipping

Neopost ID, the Neopost group’s dedicated unit specialized in shipping, delivery and goods & assets tracking solutions, becomes Neopost Shipping.

This new name shows the willingness of Neopost to develop its technology-based offering for parcel management, whether it be packing, shipping or delivering orders, or tracking the flow of goods and assets.



This change is part of the new corporate brand identity revealed by Neopost on February 2nd, 2015.
This rebranding marks a new phase in Neopost’s transformation initiated two years ago. The new identity reflects the Group's diversification in a changing world. Neopost, a specialist in mailing solutions, is broadening its range of products and services in parcel management and is building a portfolio of products and services adapted to digital communications and customer data management.




Global Rebrand for Neopost

Send. Receive. Connect.



Neopost revealed a global rebrand on February 2nd, 2015. This move reflects Neopost’s new positioning in the digital world and ensures brand consistency across the entire organization.


Denis Thiery, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer explains “this rebranding is aligned with our business strategy to develop mail-related activities and accelerate growth in digital communications and shipping solutions.”


New Look and Feel

The new logo, based on the letter “N” for Neopost, has been re-designed and reinvigorated for the era of multichannel communications. It visually suggests physical or digital mail, as well as the symbol for infinity. “This reflects our mission to create never-ending interactions by sending the right message, to the right person, via the right channel” explains Mr Thiery. Green has been chosen as the new Neopost color to evoke growth, harmony and safety. Growth, because Neopost is an evolving group. Harmony, because the brand is recognized for its human values. And safety, because Neopost’s customers have confidence in the brand, thanks to its many years of experience.

CBA, a branding agency based in Paris, partnered with Neopost on this project to explore the brand’s personality, identify its values and build a new brand story.


Send. Receive. Connect.

This new slogan sums up Neopost’s vision of a rapidly changing world. It communicates the company’s role as a link creator that guides and supports organizations in how they send and receive communications and goods, helping them better connect with their customers. This desire to help people share and interact expresses Neopost’s commitment to developing hardware, software and services to enable people to work better together.


Putting People First

In an era where change is increasingly dependent on technology, Neopost believes that one thing remains unchanged: the real motor for success is people. Because it is people who help drive business forward. Neopost appreciates and nurtures the human side of business and thinks of its customers as individuals, not as organizations. It believes in creating partnerships in order to meet customers’ changing needs.


New Structure for Business Activities


Part of the change is the new way in which Neopost is marketing its business activities:

  • Neopost Mailing for mailing solutions,
  • Neopost Digital for document management software and data quality solutions,
  • Neopost Shipping for shipping & delivery solutions and goods & assets tracking
  • Neopost Graphics for print finishing solutions