October 16th, 2014

Flash news : On the occasion of the International RFID Congress, Neopost ID received the « RFID Award for the deployment with the best ROI » for its tracking solution implemented for customer Aubert & Duval

On October 7th 2014, at the 5th edition of the International RFID Congress, Neopost ID, the shipping and RFID tracking solutions expert, received the « RFID Award for the deployment with the best return on investment » for its RFID solution to track and trace metal parts, from product reception from the suppliers until the end-customer delivery, implemented at the French metal solutions industry leader Aubert & Duval.


Organized by the CNRFID (French National RFID Center) and ESCP Europe business school, the RFID Awards reward the best-in-class RFID/NFC applications, roll-outs and start-ups.


Aubert & Duval, a subsidiary of Eramet group, specializes in the conception, building and distribution of parts, long steel products and special alloys for the aerospace, nuclear, defense and medical industries.


In this award-winning project, all products are identified by RFID Tags when they arrive in the distribution center from the suppliers. These secured tags contain several information including place and date of production, data related to storage and transformation steps as well as documents such as its compliance certificate. In the storage sites, the containers and storage areas are also identified with RFID chips.


The complete setup has been rolled out by Neopost ID, and allows for accurately tracking throughout the distribution chain and well as for daily inventories in a very short time, providing accurate stock information, unlike before as a site had to be closed for several days to conduct such thorough inventories.


Neopost ID’s RFID system allows also the end customer for reimporting all data stored in the chip in its system when the products arrive.


Since this project launch, 55,000 objects, with sizes varying from a few millimeters until 1 meter for 15 tons, have been identified and tracked thanks to this complete system.


The Neopost ID and Aubert & Duval teams during the award ceremony



Neopost ID is a subsidiary of the Neopost Group, developing and running Track & Trace solutions for stakeholders in the supply chain: carriers, postal companies, logistics specialists and the companies that use logistics processes such as manufacturers, distributors etc. Via long-term contracts (from 36 to 60 months) Neopost ID provides them with all the components of a Track & Trace project: hardware, software and interfaces, onsite deployment and maintenance services, software management and upgrades. It can provide a tailor-made traceability solution, install it and keep it operational over the long term. Its systems naturally cover all key processes such as data collection (via barcode, RFID, EDI, scanning and other technologies); data analysis and storage on specialized hosted applications; and finally the retrieval of all this information.

Its recent developments in e-commerce solutions, with Packcity automated parcel lockers but also innovations in parcel size optimization, confirm Neopost ID’s ambition to have an essential role in facilitating its customers’ parcel management.


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