Companies involved in Freight/LTL/FTL shipping, i.e. the door-to-door delivery of partial or complete loads of goods, are turning their attention more and more to traceability solutions. In order to improve the visibility of their supply chain and to optimize their invoicing procedures, manufacturers and distributors are increasingly asking their logistics carriers to provide them with the same kind of traceability services as those used in express and parcel services in order to remain informed of the delivery of goods and to obtain proofs of delivery (PODs).

Although there is a real need for traceability, the implementation of such a system is more complicated than in the case of parcel handling as freight does not pass through platforms equipped with traceability tools (barcode readers, cameras, etc.), and, by the very nature of the service, is often handled by sub-contractors. On top of this, freight companies generally work with their own delivery documents, and the diversity of documents generated makes POD management all the more difficult.

Both shipping customers and logistics carriers have a lot to gain from a high-performance Freight/LTL/FTL shipment POD document management system in terms of invoice and cash flow optimization.

To meet this need, Neopost Shipping has developed the Neopod® Freight solution in collaboration with leading Freight/LTL/FTL carriers and on the basis of our POD management experience in express and parcel business.

Major European carriers, such as DHL, GEODIS and HEPPNER, have entrusted their document management to Neopost Shipping by opting for the Neopod® Freight solution.

A Comprehensive Service Dedicated to Proof-Of-Delivery Management

Neopod® Freight is a ‘Managed Services’ solution entirely dedicated to POD management for Freight/LTL/FTL shipments.

This service-oriented approach means that you will rapidly find a tested, up-to-date solution meeting your needs. It also means that you will not need to invest in resources for digitizing and managing your documents, or in the technical resources required to develop and host your solution. In conclusion, it is the ideal formula for assisting in the development of and managing the seasonal fluctuations in your activity without committing to new investments in IT or personnel.

In order to meet the specific needs of each company, we adopt a personalized approach and provide project support overseen by a dedicated Business Support representative.
The digitization process is tailored to the structure of your documents (waybills, CMR and all types of consignment note) to ensure that business data indexing is effective as possible. Documents that cannot be automatically indexed are processed manually by our teams or video coded so that you can access all your PODs within 48 hours of their receipt.

To become YOUR solution, the hosting website from which documents can be retrieved is customized to reflect your own corporate identity.

All of your documents are processed in our scanning centers to be available on the Internet within 24 hours in the case of automatic indexation, and within 48 hours in the case of manual indexation. They are then classified and archived in our warehouses for the duration of the contract.

Documents can be either deposited or sent to our centers by mail, or faxed by subscribing to the NeoFax option.

Depending on your requirements, you can either access your documents by connecting on your Neopod® Freight web site, or using URL/API-type links to access images directly from your ERP application, your CRM or any other information system.

Information and digitized documents are hosted at our Neopost Data Center.
Our infrastructure, based at 2 distinct hosting sites connected by an optical fiber link with data replication and load balancing hardware, guarantees high information availability.

Original documents and copies can be requested by contacting our Customer Service between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m from Monday to Friday.

An Innovative Solution for Standardizing your Delivery Documents

If you wish to standardize all your delivery documents, why not offer your delivery partners the possibility to generate and print their waybills/CMR documents from your Neopod® Freight site? We can use your shipping information to generate the delivery document in PDF format with barcode identification. As a result, you are able to guarantee high-quality delivery document content, enhance your image by virtue of a unique document, and optimize document management thanks to a reliable automatic barcode indexing system.

A Scalable Solution that can Support your Track & Trace

Because traceability and POD often go hand in hand, Neopod® Freight allows you to integrate Track & Trace into your documentary base to transform it into a comprehensive Track & Trace database that can be accessed from the Internet.

Using a unique phone number linked to an interactive voice server and/or a data capture form on the Internet, we offer your delivery partners the possibility to enter delivery status information within minutes of delivering your shipments. Complete data traceability is therefore made available to your customers and in-house teams using a single system.

A Private Freight Marketplace for the Benefit of your ‘Preferred’ Partners

Before disseminating your shipments on the market's main freight marketplaces, why not make them available to your community of ‘preferred’ partners in a private freight marketplace accessed directly from your Neopod© Freight site?

A Scalable Solution to Enhance your Document Management System

If you are in search of a more comprehensive document management solution, or if you would like to offer your customers, partners and offices access to other documents such as invoices, correspondence, contracts and dispute files, we propose you to upgrade from the ‘Document’ to the ‘Electronic Folder’ Neopod© Freight solution.