The great majority of companies using mobile resources in their day-to-day operations – such as delivery drivers, service engineers, security officers, emergency response teams, etc. – have understood the benefits of a geolocation system capable of managing their fleet in real time to track everyday activities, single out the resource situated closest to a customer for an upcoming assignment, optimize journeys, and be kept informed of any difficulties. Being able to manage mobile resources in this way facilitates the task of fleet managers, whose job it is to conduct operations efficiently.

The ideal complement to the Collect'n deliver real-time delivery and collection tracking solution is Collect'n deliver Geoloc, which allows you to track your fleet in real time without resorting to any additional investment in equipment or complex on-board vehicle installations.

The GPS function of the Collect'n deliver mobile terminal is used as a tracking device to regularly record location points (longitude/latitude) and send them in real time to the centralized Collect'n deliver Geoloc platform, which can be accessed from your web browser.

The fleet-tracking console shows the status of each device, i.e. its geographical position, if it is stationary or in movement, any messages sent, and the most recent alerts raised by the system, and can also track the status of collection and delivery activities, including the place and time of authorisation.

A two-way messaging tool enables you to communicate quickly with your colleagues in the field.

Online mapping allows you to view the location of mobile resources, as well as the journeys and activities undertaken. There is also a search tool for identifying the vehicles closest to a given address. The map is refreshed in real time, and may even be shown on a separate screen so that you can monitor the fleet’s activity.

The mapping system is based on Google Maps service.

An optional interface is also available for linking information to Google Earth software.

An alert engine can analyze movements and warn fleet managers of various events, such as the entering or leaving of a predefined geographic area, the departure of a device before a certain time, speeding, etc. The tracking console also displays alerts, and forwards them via e-mail.

Various reports can be produced for monitoring the activity of mobile resources. Daily reports provide all the necessary information about a delivery run, including journeys, work volumes, the status of an assignment, and alerts raised by the system. Because the same terminal can be used by several resources, it is also possible to produce reports for each driver.

Geolocation information is stored so that reports may be produced for a given period, and the journeys undertaken at a particular date viewed on the map.

In accordance with CNIL recommendations, data is normally stored for 2 months. This period may be extended as an option.

Proposed as a service, in the form of a monthly subscription, Collect'n deliver Geoloc is a simple and economical solution for tracking your parcels and vehicles in real time using a single piece of equipment.