Collect'n deliver App is a mobile software for real-time collection and delivery tracking of items.
Whatever the item is (parcel, pallet, mail piece, tote, …), it offers the ability to record delivery and collection operations with a mobile device running Android and iOS mobile systems.

Leveraging the ergonomics standards of the new mobile platforms, its simple design allows managing collection and delivery operations in a few clicks.
Very easily, the courier can record all items delivered or collected, select a tracking status, capture the proof of delivery or collection, take photos when an exception happens. All information is then uploaded automatically to our Data Centre to be published on the web within minutes after the item has be delivered or collected.
The software also gives the ability to scan barcodes with the PDA’s camera and to locate each operation.

Collect'n deliver App can be considered as an alternative or a complementary solution to Collect’n deliver, our mobile tracking solution based on rugged handhelds. It particularly fits needs of courier fleets for which a smartphone approach makes sense because collections and deliveries are operated by multiple partners with no intensive barcode scanning.

Collect'n deliver App is offered as a SaaS solution including the mobile software and data exchange management between your fleet of smartphones and your Information System.

Natively Integrated with our Track & Trace Data Management Solutions

To manage and place all of the information captured by your mobile fleet at the disposal of your teams, customers and partners, why not complete your Collect'n deliver App solution with our Track&Trace Data Management tool? This will give you access to a comprehensive traceability system implemented and operated by Quadient Shipping.

To find out more, please refer to our Track&Trace Data Management solution.