Order delivery and return experiences are key drivers of the online purchase experience, the satisfaction and the loyalty of consumers. However, delivery incidents happen and it is better to master them than to suffer them.
The ability to inform e-consumers about their order journey has became a "must have".

Consumer needs brought merchants to offer multiple delivery choices combining various service level (sameday, next day, 2-days, ...), location (at home, at work, in a parcel shop or parcel locker, in store). Implementing so much convenience bring you to manage multiple parcel delivery services and carriers. The more carriers you use, the more complicated order delivery tracking can be.

The capability to manage these various delivery flows operated by multiple carriers is crucial to ensure the best overall customer experience.

A solution to manage your deliveries and optimise post-purchase customer experience

Our solution offers a complete and unified visibility over all your delivery flows to measure your carriers' quality of service and to be proactively reported of delivery incidents and exceptions.

Your customers are automatically notified of their order delivery status and can track their parcel journey on a website skinned with your brand identity.

Self-service access to order tracking will reduce WISMO (Where is my order) calls to your customer service from 20 to 40% .

e-customers understand that delivery incident belongs to the carrier and greatly appreciate a proactive correcting action from the merchant. This will increase your customers satisfaction and loyalty.

Key benefits of the solution

  • A better customer experience and increased loyalty with a perfect visibility of their order from booking to delivery
  • A single tracking solution for a more competitive customer service
  • Automatic detection of delivery incidents and exceptions to act proactively and increase customer satisfaction
  • Unified delivery flows control and "click to possession" performance analysis
  • A customer experience in your brand universe from first click to delivery

A technology platform offering unified tracking for all deliveries operated by multiple carriers

  • web-based solution hosted and operated by Quadient
  • SaaS-based offering
  • Branded and skinned according your corporate identity
  • Tens of carriers already connected to the platform
  • Improving the post-purchase experience of your customers
  • For both your service and operations teams
  • Featuring a proper Business Intelligence software
  • Designed to grow with your business

A tracking platform for your logitics and customer service teams and for your customers

Your logistic department

  • Benefits from a tool with consolidated deliveries and unified tracking
  • Controls each carrier quality of service
  • Benefits from a “Business Intelligence” tool allowing to produce multiple reports and dashboards
  • Have a consolidated view on their deliveries
  • Acquire a new analysis capacity to optimise supply chain strategy and carrier contracts


Your customer service

  • quickly access to the tracking of all deliveries with all carriers in a single tool
  • Is automatically notified of any delivery incident/ exception
  • Receive 20 to 40% less WISMO calls
  • Have staff more effective and more available to perfom value-added tasks
  • Get the ability to act proactively in case of delivery incident/exception/failure


Your customers

  • Receive automatic email or SMS notifications at each key step of the delivery journey of their order
  • Benefits from a direct access to track their order
  • Benefits from a better post-purchase customer experience within your brand universe

A comprehensive web-based solution

  • A dedicated website customized according your needs and skinned with your brand
  • Multi-criteria search engine to retrieve orders and shipments
  • Order and shipments details + tracking details
  • Unified tracking repository translating all order tracking events, be it a fulfilment, a carrier or a service team event
  • Automatic alerts and notifications based on tracking info
  • Direct access to order details from any 3rd party application (email, CRM, ...)
  • Business Intelligence software offering dashboards and reports
  • Delivery experience customer survey tool
  • Reponsive design fitting on all screens (desktop/laptop, mobile, tablet)

Quadient Shipping is one of the 3 partners selected by the FEVAD (french e-commerce and distant selling association) to develop and provide data to their e-commerce logistic observatory