A project approach to solution implementation

To consolidate and share information with all those involved in the supply chain, a traceability tool requires the implementation of a tracking system, also called Track&Trace database, used to manage sector-specific information about the objects being tracked and the associated traceability data. To monitor supply chain processes and generate performance measurement reports, progress reports, fault traces, irregularity reports, etc., this tracking system is often coupled with a report management tool able to process sector-specific and traceability data alike. In addition, an alert mechanism is very often added to automatically inform, in ‘push’ mode, those involved in the supply chain of a particular event concerning a given object, be it an exception or an important stage causing the triggering of subsequent actions.

Quadient Shipping has devoted 10 years to helping carriers and logisticians, and therefore fully understands such systems. This is why we have developed the Track&Trace Data Management solution comprising three independent and complementary modules: T&T Database,T&T Reporting and T&T Alert Engine.

Major European carriers such as PARCELFORCE WORLDWIDE, TENDRON and STG have adopted the Track&Trace Data Management solution for the traceability management of their parcels. Leading companies such as RENAULT and CREDIT AGRICOLE have chosen this same solution for the logistics tracking of other objects (prototype parts, mail bags, parcels, etc.).

A Service Based Solution

Track&Trace Data Management is a ‘Managed Services’ solution.

Your T&T Database is hosted on Quadient’s servers. All incoming and outgoing data exchanged with your tracking system is managed by the Quadient Data Center; our infrastructure, based at 2 distinct hosting sites connected by an optical fiber link with real-time data replication and load balancing real-time, guarantees high information availability.

This service-oriented approach means that you will rapidly find a tested, up-to-date solution meeting your needs. It also means that you will not need to invest in the technical resources required to develop and host your solution. In conclusion, it is the ideal formula for assisting in the development of and managing the seasonal fluctuations in your activity without committing to new investments in IT or personnel.

A Project Approach to Customize your Solution

In order to meet the specific needs of each company, we adopt a personalized approach and provide project support overseen by a dedicated Business Support representative.

Data processing interfaces, search screens, view pages, management reports, etc. are customized according to the structure of your data, your tracking processes, your partner and customer data flows, and the data flows generated by capture devices (bar code readers, outdoor mobile terminals, fixed readers such as gate or RFID reader arrays, etc.).

Your T&T Database web site is customized to reflect your own corporate identity.

EDIhub, an EDI Platform for Integrating and Circulating Information

Because a Track &Trace Database is a system consolidating many different types of information stemming from and destined for diverse systems and persons, having access to a data exchange platform is of key importance. You have access to our EDIhub electronic data exchange management platform for administering your interfaces and circulating information in the format of your choice (standardized, proprietary, e-mail, SMS, fax, etc.). EDIhub ‘connects’ your T&T Database to your customers, partners and in-house systems.

A Report Management Module that can be Tailored to your Needs

The T&T Reporting module includes a set of default reports to generate activity statistics and incident and performance reports in just a few clicks, and a report generator enabling all authorized users to produce the reports of their choice. Of course, customized project reports tailored to your specific needs and business imperatives can also be rapidly implemented.

An Alert Engine Tailored to your Specific Rules

The T&T Alert Engine module is a tool that can be configured to generate alert messages in response to tracking events arriving at the T&T Database , or produced according to specific management rules, in particular when an action has to be triggered if processing delays between two key traceability events are reached or exceeded. it is possible, for example, to notify customers by e-mail when an item has been delivered, or even inform them of the loss of an object in transit. These messages can be generated in several forms, then distributed via various channels using the EDIhub platform, i.e. e-mail, SMS, EDI file or even voicemail.

An Scalable solution that can Integrate your Documents

In the case of traceability solutions involving the ability access to documents linked with business data, such as delivery and collection notes, invoices, etc., the Document Imaging service enables you to add a document management dimension to your T&T Database. This will open the door to a complete traceability on a single system!

For more information, please see our Document Imaging solutions.

A Complementary Solution to collect’n Deliver to Track your Collections & Deliveries

The Track&Trace Data Management solution is fully compatible with the ‘real time’ mobile computing collect'n Deliver solution. This means that all information captured with your mobile terminals can be updated in real time, then processed and managed on your customized T&T Database . This will give you access to a comprehensive traceability system implemented and operated by Quadient Shipping.

To find out more, please refer to our collect'n Deliver solution.